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Amesbury Site Launch Update (launch date 15th January!)

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Children in Amesbury

Did you know that children (0-19yrs) represent 26% of the population in Amesbury? It is significantly above the national average and reflects the number of young families moving into areas like Kings Gate and Archers Gate. One of the reasons visitors decide to stay at Grace Church is because of our excellent Children’s and Youth programmes. Children’s work at the Amesbury site is one of our big priorities, if you want to help in this area, Howard and Emily Hooper would love to hear from you.


Many at the Salisbury site know exactly what it takes to make Sunday happen. In practice, every member makes Sunday happen because we can all encourage one another, speak to visitors, help with the unexpected jobs that just appear. So we need everyone to be in the big team for the Amesbury site because we expect to see a lot of visitors, some of whom (we pray lots of them!) will make Grace Church their home. We also need specific teams, including:

SUPA – setting up the venue, the signs and banners, the chairs etc, the crèche and kids work rooms – and then putting it all away again! (SUPA stands for Set Up Put Away) Without SUPA there’s no Sunday!

Sound and Vision – we need to set up and operate a sound desk for the musicians and the speakers, and to project the songs and the preaching slides onto a screen, as well as setting out the amplifiers so we don’t deafen everyone! Some technical ability would be really useful on this one.

Socials and Events – We want to have fun! So we welcome anyone who enjoys helping or organising events and social gatherings, whether for everyone or for specific groups.

Welcome/Stewards – First impressions are so important and so we want infectiously friendly, enthusiastic, caring people to make everyone, and especially guests, feel relaxed, well informed and welcome.

Information Desk and Bookstall – we need well organised people to put out and keep up to date all the leaflets, notices, books and booklets we have on display before and after the meeting.

Cooking and Cakes – goes with socials and events: people who love Great British Bake Off or enjoy cooking, and also people who are willing to serve under some of our excellent chefs when we push the boat out for special events and meals.

Tea and Coffee – far more than just serving hot drinks, a welcoming smile needed too!

Children’s work and crèche – the children have their own programme during the preaching. It’s a responsible task, requires commitment, and can be very rewarding.

Pastoral and Prayer Team – we want to develop a faith-filled team willing to pray their very best prayers for other people, sometimes during the meeting, sometimes at the end of the meeting.

Musicians – if you really love to worship God with guitar, keyboard, drums, violin, trumpet, flute, voice, etc. we’d love to hear from you.


Taste and See: Wednesday 9th November, 7:30pm @ the Bowman Centre, SP4 7XT

If you are committed to Amesbury, or just curious about what is going on, join us on Wednesday 9th November at 7:30pm at the Bowman Centre when we will be celebrating the start of this new adventure for Grace Church and answering any questions you may have. And we may even have cake!

Amesbury Prayer Walk: Wednesday 16th November, 7.30pm @ The Bowman Centre, Shears Drive, SP4 7XT 

Contact Emily Hooper for further information.

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