Simon Redmill
A Culture of Generosity

Recently, at Grace Church, we’ve launched our refreshed vision statement. We exist:

“to know, love and worship our Heavenly Father and to see Jesus change thousands of lives by the power of the Holy Spirit”.

Underpinning this vision are 6 cultural values. They are the foundation of who we are and what we do. Culture is really ‘what it’s like round here’, and we’re on a journey (and it is a journey – we’re not there yet!) to develop a culture of: Grace, God’s Presence, Honour, Belonging, Growth and Generosity.

From 1 Timothy 6 v 17 – 19 we looked at how we’re never more like God than when we’re being generous.  Our Father is a lavish, generous giver and every good thing comes from Him….. our food, our clothing, our possessions, our money and our salvation!

As we grow in generosity we also grow as disciples as we transfer our trust from (in particular) money, to God Himself.

Generosity also helps us to be happy!  Jesus said it’s “more blessed to give than to receive”, with generosity being a life-giving antidote to materialism that can poison our soul!

We can be generous in all sorts of ways, including with:

·      our words: encouragement is such a powerful weapon

·      our homes: in hospitality

·      our money: which releases Kingdom growth

The bible teaches that our primary giving of our money goes to the local church.

As we stretch as a church to plant a new congregation in Amesbury can I encourage you to review your giving as part of your generosity?  You may want to:

STEP IN and start giving.  If 5 new givers gave on average £150 each, that would equal an extra £750 (some would give more, some less: the bible teaches proportionate giving).  Find out how to give on our Giving page.

STEP UP and review your giving.  Maybe you’ve not done this for a while, maybe you’ve had a pay-rise, maybe you could give an extra £15 per month, an extra £25 or maybe £50 per month?  All of it helps us put God first, grow in our discipleship and releases resources for Kingdom growth.

What an amazing privilege to reflect God’s lavish generosity to us.

With much love,

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