Howard Hooper
We've tasted and seen ... that the Lord is good!

Wow...what an amazing evening!

Wednesday night saw us gathering in the Bowman Centre, Amesbury, to hear and celebrate the plans for the Amesbury site. Amidst a sea of cakes (!), we chatted with others, listened to the vision and plans for the new site and had the opportunity to sign up to serve on Amesbury teams. We then just lifted our voices in song and prayer.

What an honour it was to give God thanks and praise so freely in the very place that He has miraculously opened for us - so moving and exciting!

Approximately 30 of us were there, and it was so encouraging to not only see Salisbury congregation, but at least half a dozen new faces who had heard about the new site, as well as local church leaders. They all left enthused by what God is doing within Grace Church and Amesbury...some of whom joined the Ladies midweek community group, and one dived in the very next morning!

The encouraging prophetic words that were brought reminded us that this is God's plan and we need to be bold in our faith, stepping out into the community.

So let's keep praying, stepping out, and waiting in expectation for what God is going to do next!!