Simon Redmill
One Church Sunday - baptisms and picnic!

Dear all,

As most of you will know, this Sunday we are having our ‘One Church Sunday’, where both sites will be gathering for a baptism, a picnic and some games together until around 3 pm, at Sarum Academy.

It should be a fantastic time as we celebrate Jesus changing lives, as well as having the joy of all being together.  Can I encourage you to not only come to the meeting but also prioritise the picnic as well? These are keys time to celebrate and demonstrate our unity as ONE church, as well as catch up with old friends.

To give you a bit more of an idea of what we’ll be getting up to: towards the end of our meeting we will all move out to the mini-amphitheatre at the front of Sarum Academy, where the baptism will take place. Then there will be a 15-minute break to allow everyone to gather their things and food and make their way to Sarum Academy’s field, give thanks at 12.50pm and enjoy our picnics!  After food there will be various activities and games to partake in, including an Amesbury v Salisbury football game at the end!   Feel free to watch or participate……

 Things to bring

  • Food and drink for yourself and your family. (And maybe a little extra to share).
  • Something to sit on. E.g. a chair or a blanket, etc.
  • Trainers or shoes that are comfortable to run in. (If you would like to partake in any games/activities).

This really will be an excellent day together, please do come along to worship together and spend time with your church family. The Sunday is Father’s Day so you may even want to bring your Dad along!

With much love