Adrian Goode
Transformation Programme Update

Grace Church Transformation Program Update

Why do we need a Transformation Program?

Grace Church has an exciting God-given vision: To know, love and worship our Heavenly Father, and to see Jesus change thousands of lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. However, every vision needs a plan - or a strategy - to make it happen. 

Jesus had a vision to save the world and had a 3-year plan (strategy) to bring it about.  He selected and trained 12 disciples, gave them specific assignments, and eventually sent them out to make disciples, baptising and teaching them to obey Jesus (Matthew 28).

Andrew Lawrence (who oversees us as a church) brought a prophetic word about growth and changing how we do things: “Prepare for great growth……Deliberate Harvesting is required…...There is a season coming where God wants to double the church…...There is a need to do church differently”. The excellent foundations upon which Grace Church is built remain vital to our future but to fully reach all that we believe God has called us to we need to transform how we do things. As we seek God, we want to do everything we can to see this come about and so we are putting in place a ‘Transformation Program’ which will become an integral part of how we work together as a church to fulfil our God-given vision.

Our Strategy Blocks


LIFT: Lifting our hearts and lives to God | Emily & Howard Hooper                                      

LIFE: Living life together as one Church family | David Hazelton

LOVE: Loving and serving those who don't know Jesus | Heather & Dave Luft

LEARN: Every person growing in discipleship | Emily & James Haslam

LEAD: Identifying, equipping and empowering leaders | Zoe Bailey

LINK: Building strong partnerships with others | John Asabil

LAUNCH: Launching and sustaining strong, healthy Churches | Peter Moffat

Next Phase
 In May Simon Redmill announced our strategy blocks, which are seven distinct areas we believe will help transform Grace Church, where knowing, loving and worshipping God is embedded deeply in our DNA, whilst continually seeing Jesus changing lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s very exciting!

In any area of church life good leadership is vital and so the Elders have carefully selected leaders for each of our strategy blocks who have a passion for a specific area and a desire to lead change. These leaders were announced at the beginning of June and are now busy drawing together small, diverse teams to help them define how their strategy block will help fulfil the vision. As this is key to the success of the whole Transformation Program, the teams will spend time over the summer developing their Outcomes and then share with the Elders in the Autumn.

Who can I speak to if I have questions about the Transformation Program?

The Strategy Block leaders will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.  For more specific questions relating to the Transformation Program then you can contact the Program Manager, Adrian Goode either in person or via email - Adrian@gracechurchuk.org. Alternatively, you can speak to any of the elders, Ian MacDonald, Amesbury Site Lead, or Kara Newman, Program Director.

What will the seven Strategy Block teams be doing?

The first phase is to define the Outcomes for each block. This means asking the question; What will it look like for my block once we’ve reached our vision?

Who oversees the Block Leads?

The Block Leads report into the eldership team. They are accountable, both individually and as a team, to the elders for the successful delivery of the Strategic Plan. 

How can I get involved?

Once the Outcomes for each Strategy Block are established each team will be expanded to work through the various tasks identified. This means additional people with specific gifts and relevant experience for each work stream will be needed. In due course, more information will be provided on how you can participate in one of the teams if you wish. There will be lots of opportunities over the coming years to get involved.

Will the Strategy Blocks replace existing teams?

Current teams, such as Worship, Kids and Alpha will continue as normal. However, in some cases the Transformation Program will help us to identify and develop new ways of doing things that better align us to our vision. 

Still got questions?

You can email in your questions to office@gracechurchuk.org.