Eustace Tackie-Otoo


The Preparation

It has been coming and now it is here. After 8 years of preparation, Grace Church Amesbury and Salisbury, together with the Commission family of churches will be sending us—Eustace, Theresa and our children Emmanuel and Mary to Ghana next year.

As part of the preparation, Eustace, Simon Redmill (Lead Elder of Grace Church) and Jonah Redmill visited Ghana in July 2017. The purpose of the trip was to prayerfully find a town or city where the Lord may lead us to plant the first Commission Church in Ghana (and West Africa).

The three of us (above) visited Kumasi and Sekondi-Takoradi which are the second and third largest cities in Ghana respectively. At the end of 13 days visit across both cities we felt God had laid on our hearts to plant the first Church in Sekondi-Takoradi, a city with an estimated population of about 500,000. Sekondi-Takoradi is a coastal city in the Western Region of Ghana.

In April 2018, Eustace, Simon Redmill and Miles Jarvis (from Commission) again visited Ghana to build on the first visit and to prayerfully consider where in Sekondi-Takoradi God might lead us to plant the first Church.

The Plan

We are encouraged that God is leading us in the right direction in terms of location, timing and planning. My family and I plan to move to Ghana by March 2019 and to start the Church service in the local language (Fante) as soon as possible after we have arrived.

Ghana is a very religious country: 71% of the population claim to be Christians, about 17% Muslims and about 5% traditional religion. As a result, you can almost share or preach the gospel anywhere and people will listen to you (I have preached on coaches on a number of occasions).

But having a country like Ghana with it receptiveness to Christianity comes with its own problems. I am concerned about churches teaching a prosperity gospel, legalism and using spiritual powers not based on Christ. I believe that Ghana needs Grace and Spirit filled Churches which are bible based. I believe they need it now. This is why our vision for going to Ghana is ‘’to plant a Grace and Spirit filled church that plants other Churches’’ in Ghana and over time in West Africa and beyond and why our church will be called GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH.

I can see a huge potential in Ghana for us as Commission family. We have already seen glimpses of what is yet to come. I remember the first time I preached in a coach during a family visit to Ghana and about 8 responded. The second and third time about 12 people responded. The 4th time, which was 3 months ago, 3 people responded.

On another occasion whilst waiting for a mechanic, I shared the gospel with three people. 1 person I prayed for was filled with the Holy Spirit. We are going to Ghana because we believe Jesus changes lives. It maybe one at a time, but it will be many in the end.

Myself and my family are excited that we get to go on this mission. However, there are many ways that you too can partner with us to see this mission accomplished and to see Jesus change lives of families, communities and nations in West Africa and God willing even beyond West Africa.

How to get involved

Three ways that you too can partner and support this Church plant are:

1. Go with us physically to Ghana. This can work in two ways. (a) Be part of the team to move to Ghana. We have limited space for some people to join the team. (b) Once the church is up and running there will be opportunities for interested people to visit occasionally. These visits will mostly be organised through Commission or occasionally by your church.

Remember, Sekondi-Takoradi is on the coast!!

2. Partner with us through prayer.

1 Thessalonians 5:25 ‘’Brothers and sisters, pray for us’’ Colossians 4:3 ‘’And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ… By going to Ghana, we will be invading an enemy territory and we cannot be complacent. We need you to come with us through prayer for protection, for salvations and for power

We would like to make prayers one of the key foundations of this Church plant.

3. Partner with us by giving financially

There is a saying in Ghana: “say in Twi”. This simply means ‘’Money makes things beautiful’’ or ‘’for things to be beautiful we need money’’. If this is true of anything, then it is true of church planting too.

Every amount is welcome - like Tesco, ‘every little helps’. We are asking for one off donations (or as you feel lead to). You may decide to give £10, £50, £200, £1000, £10000 or more. The amount is yours to decide. Please make all financial donations via Grace Church for proper accountability and stewardship.

What the Ghana team have found after two visits to Ghana is that it will cost a bit more than planting a church in the UK. We are not setting up a long-term funding pipeline to the West’, the plan is to invest in a strong approach at the beginning to ensure sustainability for the long term. A firm foundation will enable the planting of the first Church which will in turn plant other churches.

We would love you to partner with us in any or all of these three ways. By asking you to go with us physically, prayerfully and or financially we are asking for your heart. Jesus said in Luke 12:34 ‘’For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’’.


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