Simon Redmill
When God says Go!

“When God says go….” A preaching series on Jonah

We live in incredible social and political times. If ever there was an urgent need for God’s people to hear and act upon the voice of God through the scriptures, it’s now.

Our focus as a church in this autumn term is to be equipped and inspired in evangelism and on Sunday we’ll be starting a new preaching series on the book of Jonah called “when God says go….”. It’s a short but profound story of how God uses an ordinary person who has flaws and imperfections (just like you and I), and it has much to teach and inspire us in our walk with God.

To get the most out of this preaching series, I’d like to recommend these 3 things:

  1. Read the book of Jonah. Just four chapters long – there’s nothing quite like reading God’s word for yourself.
  1. Get a great book to read throughout the series. We’re having a “pay whatever you can afford” policy on Tim Keller’s and Greg Haslam’s books on Jonah. Both are outstanding. If you can afford to pay a bit more then please do to subsidise those that can’t afford quite so much.
  1. Take a look at this 8-minute overview of Jonah:

You may also find this 9-minute overview of the Old Testament helpful as well.

With much anticipation……see you on Sunday!

Much love