Simon Redmill
Head of Pastoral Care Appointment

Dear Grace Church!
I wanted to let you know the good news that David Maskell has accepted our offer to become 'Head of Pastoral Care' at Grace Church!
Earlier this year as an eldership team we identified 4 areas that we wanted to strengthen, with a full-time member of staff. The person would need to have the Commission values and church leadership (and ideally eldership), experience, to oversee:

1. Community Groups
2. Pastoral Care
3. Discipleship
4. Social Action

I (Simon), was covering these things and being overstretched, while those that oversee us in Commission were commenting that we were a member of staff down on where a church of our size would normally be. We also felt some of these areas were not getting the attention they deserved, and addressing this would enormously help the health of the church.

We became aware of David Maskell, a Commission Leader who was moving on from Welcome Church, Woking having been an elder there and having 18 years church leadership experience, and covering the very four things we were looking for!

Many of you would have met David a few weeks ago when he took a training session for us on Mental Health. The feedback from this evening has been excellent, as has the feedback from our recent ‘Meet and Greet’ with David and his wife Tina.

David has a diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling, has a lot of experience in helping people be set free emotionally and socially, has overseen Community Groups and has run various lifestyle discipleship courses. He also has a huge heart for the poor (an area we want to turn the dial up on), setting up the Foodbank in Woking and overseeing a weekly meal for the disadvantaged, amongst other things.

The Head of Pastoral Care will be a ‘One Church’ role, serving both the Salisbury and Amesbury sites (and more sites in the future!), but primarily based in Salisbury on a Sunday morning.
As elders and trustees, we are delighted that David will be joining the staff team, and very much look forward to him starting on 2nd January.

We're trusting that this appointment will not only help the health and discipleship of the church - as key areas get greater attention - but also benefit our communities as we look to increase our serving of the poor and marginalised.

Please do pray for David and for Tina as they put their house on the market and look to move to the area.

May I take this opportunity, to thank you for all the many and varied ways you have loved and served in 2019. Wishing you and your families a very Happy Christmas.

with much love
P.S look out for a series of Q & A blogs to help you get to know David and Tina better!