Simon Redmill
Building Fund Gift Day

Dear Grace Church,

"Come, follow me and I will send you out to fish for people". 

In this season, we believe that God is calling us to "fish in different pools", to cast out our nets again with the love of God and see many cared for, served, rescued and restored to a God who has great plans for them.

We want a mid-week venue where we can invite people to "come and see".  Come in, be loved, cared for and fed.  Come and make friendships, be restored, find practical help in your time of need, find hope and life..... in essence, come and see how good Jesus is!

A mid-week venue, probably in or around Salisbury town centre,  will give us options that we simply don't have at the moment, such as serving food to those in need, offering debt advice, parenting and marriage courses, community groups and drop-in facilities, a foodbank satellite, daytime and evening Alpha courses etc.   It will also serve as a hub to serve and strengthen our different sites.

Ultimately acquiring a building is not the vision, it's merely a means to an end, to help see lives changed, the broken restored and the poor loved and served.  

As and when a suitable property comes up we want to be able to have a 'seed fund' which will allow us to put down a decent sized deposit.  To that end, and to help with the credibility with banks, we are going to open up a 'Building Fund' and have Gift Days to increase that fund, starting this Sunday (27th Sept) and next Sunday (4th Oct).

To summarise (and you may recognise some 'solicitor talk' in here that we've been advised to use :) : in order to pursue the charitable purposes of the church we want to acquire some premises whose use might include offices, meetings and ministries beyond our Sunday meetings.  We are, therefore, opening a building fund. The purpose of this fund is to raise money towards the cost of acquiring the additional premises but if for any reason we decide not to acquire the premises, or there are surplus funds left over following the acquisition of any premises, we will use the money to further the charitable purposes of the Church.


As we can't meet physically, we can give in one of two ways:


01589315, sort code 30-93-25   (marked up as 'Building Fund')

By Cheque

Payable to Grace Church Salisbury.  Send to (by hand or post):  Grace Church, The Caretakers Bungalow, Sarum Academy, Westwood Road, Salisbury, SP2 9HS (marked up as 'Building Fund')

Even in this difficult season, and whether you give a few 'fish and bread' or thousands of pounds, let's be prayerful asking God how much He'd like us to give and then come with faith and generosity as we sow into God's Kingdom to see the lost saved and the poor loved and served as we fish in a different pool!

with much love,
Simon, on behalf of the eldership team