Simon Redmill
Changes to the eldership team / Amesbury

Changes to the eldership team / Amesbury – Nov 2020

At Tuesdays Family Meeting I talked about two changes to our eldership team (those that oversee, direct and lead Grace Church: see 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1).

Ian McDonald, having served brilliantly over the last few years, is feeling that now is the season for him to step back from eldership and from being the Amesbury site leader.  Unbelievably, Ian has just turned 70 and more recently has had increased wider family responsibilities which means his ‘plate’ is fuller than ever. 

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to Ian and to Rosemary for all they’ve been and done.  We honour and admire them.  It was great to be able to applaud them last night on zoom!  Ian and Rosemary will be very much staying in Grace Church and serving in different capacities. 

The second piece of eldership news concerns David Maskell who, along with Tina,  joined us in January 2020 as David took up the full-time staff role of ‘Head of Pastoral Care’.  Whether it’s been settling in, getting to know the church, overseeing Community Groups, introducing Iron Groups, providing pastoral care or overseeing our social action, David has done brilliantly. 

Having already been an elder in Welcome Church, Woking, we’re delighted to put him before the church, with the intention of him becoming an elder in February 2021 and joining Joe Gillard, Simon Sleight and myself on the eldership team.

This is a hugely encouragingly step forward and brings eldership oversight to the pastoral side of the church and to our social action; both incredibly important areas of church life.

We’d love to have your feedback, in terms of affirmation for David, or if you have any, biblical concerns based on 1 Timothy 3 or Titus 1.  Do please email me on

David Hazleton has been sitting in and contributing to our fortnightly eldership team meetings since the beginning of the year.  David is a real asset to the team, bringing much wisdom and we intend to keep this going, along with him continuing to oversee Alpha across the church, an area that we’re intending will have more and more prominence over the coming season.


Pre-lockdown (remember that !!?), we functioned as one church, across two sites, Salisbury & Amesbury.  We’re very much committed to both Salisbury and Amesbury and continuing to be a multisite church.

We don’t know when government restrictions will allow us to meet again or when the schools that we hire will be available for us to use.  However, when we are able we’ll meet for a season as ONE church, in ONE location, at the Salisbury site.  This will allow us to get used to meeting again in-person on Sundays, allow our serving teams to get up and running and to re-establish ourselves and get back into a routine

The plan would be then, overtime, to return to having two Sunday meetings, one in Salisbury and one in Amesbury.

In order for the Amesbury site to be sustainable over the long-term, and particularly with Ian stepping back as Amesbury site leader,  we’d want to ensure that certain things were in place (the following 5 CRITERIA) before re-starting Sunday morning meetings in Amesbury:

 1.  A Site Leader – to head up the work in Amesbury. This is a crucial role, and we’ll need to prayerfully consider who takes this on from Ian.

 2.  Site Leadership Team: a clearly established and regonised team around the site leader who can take responsibilities and carry weight.

 3.  Key Sunday Leaders in place: worship, tech, kids, welcome, tea/coffee, SUPA (set up and put away) team

 4.  Worship: to be largely self-sustaining in Amesbury, with someone to lead the Amesbury worship team.

 5.  Salisbury site critical mass

This will enable us to re-launch Amesbury in a sustainable way, with strong foundations and without burning out the teams on the ground, and in a way which will attract guests and put in the right foundations for much future growth. 

In the meantime, we’d want to keep the friendships and connections of the Amesbury site going through a variety of things, including Community Groups, socials etc.  This will allow relationships to continue in the interim while meeting on a Sunday morning in Salisbury before then re-launching our Sunday Amesbury meetings.

We’re in faith for many to be saved and added in and around Amesbury and so while some parts of some of the 5 criteria are in place, let’s pray for these 5 criteria to be fully met so we can start our Amesbury Sundays again with faith and momentum.


I’m delighted to announce that John Hooper (Amesbury site) and Peter Moffatt (Salisbury site) have joined the Trustees team.  Both bring considerable experience to join the current team of Megan Greenstock (Chair), Mike Faulkner and Rosie Donohue.  I want to take this opportunity to say a very large thank you to our trustees for all their (often hidden) work.

There’s lots going on…. let’s stay close to God and look out for one another during this second lockdown.

With much love

Simon, on behalf of the eldership team

 P.S A reminder that LOCKDOWN ALPHA starts this Tuesday(17th Nov)  for five weeks, 12 – 1pm.  Sign-ups via our website.