Simon Redmill
Basic Body of Beliefs (Grace Church)

Basic Body of Beliefs of Grace Church

( 1 )   The Bible is wholly inspired by God. Therefore, the Bible is true and without error and as such has total authority over us as God’s word (to disbelieve or disobey any word of Scripture is to disbelieve or disobey God). Scripture is needed to interpret Scripture and the teaching of the Holy Spirit gives us a true understanding of the whole.

( 2 )  There is one God therefore complete unity exists in the Godhead. Yet God is three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each person is fully God; all co-equal but having different roles. God is supreme in all things; He alone created us, chose us and paid the price to restore us to a right relationship with Him.

( 3 )   Mankind, however, is a fallen creature in that he has sinned against God. Every part of his being is affected by sin and is, therefore, powerless to get right with God by himself. This necessitates the need for God to restore us.

( 4 )   Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man. He was born of a virgin. We regard his teaching as to be without fault and his speech as truth. He removed our sin and took God’s punishment for that sin when He died on the cross. He rose again from the dead, never to die again. He ascended into heaven and is there to this day praying for his Church.

( 5 )   Man is justified before God by faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour alone.

( 6 )  The Holy Spirit is also fully God and his work is vital in man’s salvation. He leads us to conversion. At conversion we are ‘reborn’ of the Spirit and he leads us into holy living (Galatians 5 v 22 – 24). He also empowers the Christian life in matters of worship and serving God.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit as outlined in 1 Corinthians 12 – 14 and Ephesians 4, are for today and are to be used in church life and in the life of believers to strengthen, encourage and comfort and to help bring the body of Christ to maturity. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are also vital tools in our mission to reach an unbelieving world.  

( 7 )  The Church throughout all ages (the universal church) is the body of which Christ is the head. It consists of all those who have responded to God’s call through the Gospel are born of the Spirit and thus have been bought by Christ’s death and are justified by faith. The local church, comprises such believers as represents a small example of the universal church, is in regular fellowship with other local churches and so expresses the unity of the ‘body of Christ.’

 ( 8 )  Jesus instituted Baptism by water. Baptism, however, does not in itself cause someone to be ‘reborn’ but is an outward expression of what has already happened. According to the New Testament baptism is for believers (not babies) and is by full immersion, representing that we have died, been buried and have been risen again with Christ. 

( 9 )  Jesus also instructed His believers to take the Lord’s Supper.  While it is not in itself a sacrifice for sin nor does it become the Lord’s actual body and blood, it is a means of grace to believers as we remember the sacrifice of Jesus and look forward to his second coming.

( 10 )   Marriage is a covenant relationship between a man and a woman. It is God’s  design that sex, as a good gift from a loving Father happens within marriage.  Any deviation from sex outside of a heterosexual marriage is sin and falls short of God’s plan. Our attitude in this area is not one of being judgemental but as with Jesus in John 1, one where we are “full of grace and truth”.  We realise that all of us have sinned sexually and are in need of God’s forgiving, redeeming grace and the power of the holy spirit to empower us to live God’s way, which is always the best way.  Singleness is a gift from God and can be used to His glory, as Jesus himself demonstrated.

( 11 )   Jesus will return as the exalted Son of God and will make all things new.

( 12 )  The Lord Jesus Christ will judge all mankind. He will give eternal life to all those who have been justified by faith but eternal punishment for those who are not.    All believers will receive a new resurrection body.