Simon Redmill
A (Rough) Roadmap out of Lockdown

It was so good to be together as a church family at last night’s Family Meeting.

In case you missed it, or just wanted a quick reminder, here’s what we spoke about regarding a rough roadmap of coming out of lockdown (hooray!!):


  1. Plan in pencil

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that things can change!

  1. Follow Governments guidance

Both the letter and the spirit.  Remember what’s permissible and what’s beneficial are not always the same (1 Cor 10 v 23)

  1. WALK – JOG – RUN

Not everything will start up at the same time.  We’re not match fit (we’ve been out ‘injured’ for a year) – it will take some time to ease our way back in.

  1. Be kind / love believes all things

Some have breezed through lockdown and are raring to go, others have struggled with health, bereavement, work, money challenges, family, working from home, stress, home schooling and many other things……. we’re all in different positions.  Let’s be kind to one another and believe the best of others. This is an outworking of the gospel of grace.

 Here are the 4 stages of coming out of lockdown, which I’ve put in bullet points to make them easy to read!

 STEP 1 (earliest 29th March)

  • 6 people / 2 Households can meet outside in Gardens, parks etc
  • Dust off the BBQ!!!
  • Community Groups / Iron Groups
  • Getting creative….. prayer walks?

 STEP 2 (earliest 12th April)

  • You can get a haircut !
  • Iron Groups / multiple CG gatherings outside……… OK to just have a drink in a pub garden (no need for food)

STEP 3 (earliest 17th May)

  • Gathering up to 30 outside
  • Whole CGs can meet outside !
  • Hot House will be able to meet outside all together
  • Bemerton Heath Community Garden
  • 6 people or 2 Households inside
  • Iron Groups can meet indoors

 STEP 4 (earliest 21st June)

  • Restrictions lifted!!
  • Able to start gathering on a Sunday……. venue (Sarum Academy) dependent
  • Amesbury Connect Tour: Mon 29th April @7.30pm


  • “fix your eyes on Jesus” Heb’s 12 v 2 …..
  • More important than techniques, methods, ideas
  • Build on NT values – Word, Spirit, Grace, family on a mission, poor


  • Commitment to mission – “Go & Tell” and “Come & See”
  • Commitment to multisite (Salisbury & Amesbury and more in the future as God leads us)
  • Online Alpha (mixed with in-person)
  • Serving community / those in need
  • Online Prayer (mixed with in-person)
  • Importance of small groups
  • A building to serve our vision

 I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has served so well in this last year. To our Community Group Leaders, Iron Group leaders, the pastoral team, those who’ve led prayer meetings, those serving in tech, worship leaders, our Alpha online team, those involved in serving our community in Operation Thankful and Operation Chocolate Orange, Bemerton Heath Community Garden. 

Thank you to those who’ve served and led the Parenting Course,  Marriage Course, Youth work, as well as the staff team, our children’s workers, preachers, our trustees and elders, and finally to the whole church as we’ve prayed, cried, laughed and come though this last year!

God is good, the harvest is plentiful, let’s believe Him for great things.

Much love