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A 7-Day a week building / June Gift Days


God has given us a big vision:

“Grace Church exists to know, love and worship our Heavenly Father and to see Jesus change thousands of lives by the power of the Holy Spirit”.

 …… to help fulfill this vision of gathering to worship God, of seeing lives changed by Jesus, of serving the community and showing compassion and practical love to those in need……. we’d love a BUILDING!!!

 A building isn’t the vision.  As one person put it……“facilities, facilitate”

 A 6-day or 7-day a week venue?

As we started our search for a suitable building we were open to both a mid-week, smaller venue as well as a 7-day a week larger venue.

However, as we’ve continued to pray, discuss and look around, we’ve come to the firm conviction, that we would love for us as a church family to look for a 7-day a week venue in or around the Centre of Salisbury, from which we can serve the whole of Salisbury and our congregations in Amesbury and in the future, beyond.

Sermon: Healthy Family - "Follow me!" - Denham Parish Church

A 7-day a week building (i.e., one that we can use on Sundays and during the rest of the week), allows us to gather, as a Salisbury site, or sometimes as One Church, to worship God together.

It allows a much better connection between ministries during the week (alpha, serving those in need etc.) and gathering on a Sunday.

It’s also, proportionally, not that much more money wise, than we’d need for a mid-week venue with office and community spaces.

Use of the Building.

There’s a reason 90% of churches have a building…… used correctly they can be a huge blessing for:

The church family: think Sundays, Youth, children, band practices, mid-week meetings, prayer (24-7?), offices to serves our sites, hosting joint churches meetings etc, but also:

The wider community: think Alpha, mothers and toddlers, debt center, feeding the hungry, ministries to those in need, parenting, marriage, money courses, and a host of other ways God may lead us into serving.

missions: serving our community - Bethel Baptist Church

What are we looking for in a venue?

We’d love a Sunday venue that seats around 250-300 people, that has room for facilities for Grace Kids, has a welcome area, community space, office space and over time a kitchen, as well as storage and access to parking.

Rental Ceremony/Audience Tent for 300 | Orange County CA – On Call Event  Rentals


The type of venue we are looking for is likely to cost in the region of £500,000+.  In addition, there are also legal and professional fees, refurbishments costs and various other miscellaneous costs.  Some of the cost can be phased over time (e.g., a kitchen could be added later), but much of it will be needed up-front.

Therefore, in order to be able to proceed with a building project, we would need in the region of £250,000 - £300,000 up-front.

This would cover things like a deposit (around a third of the purchase price), legal/professional fees and refurbishing/refitting the building to make it fit to meet in on Sundays and during the week.

Clearly, the exact figure depends on a number of factors, especially the purchase price and how much refurbishment is required to convert the building into being suitable for us, but this gives us a ball-park figure for what we’re looking at.

Current Building Fund

Currently, we have around £115,000 in the building fund, which we’re ever so grateful for.  We would need to double this, and a bit more, in order to be able to get to a place where we could confidently pursue a building. 

Gift Days

Therefore, the majority of the Gift Days on 13th and 20th June, will go towards increasing our building fund so that when the right building comes up we can confidently go for it.

In giving into the building fund, we are sowing into the long-term future of the church as well as blessing our community.

Gift Day – Sunday 15th May | Jubilee Community Church, East Grinstead

Some of our Gift Day will also be going towards:

Grace Works: showing compassion and God’s love to those in need, as we look to increase our social action.

Sundays: as we re-open again, this money will help towards the cost associated with that, such as equipment, a higher rent of our Amesbury venue, a trailer for Amesbury to store the equipment etc.

Our God is a Giver

In both the Old and the New Testament, in addition to regular giving, you see God’s people come together for one-off offerings towards a specific cause.  This reflects God’s heart.  He’s generous.  He’s a giver – just see the most famous verse in the bible, John 3 v 16 (For God so loved that he GAVE……).

We can never out-give God, and as we sow generously we will also reap generously.  We also give out of gratitude to our great God and all He has done for us – giving is a reflection of the grace we have received (see 2 Corinthians 8).

Prayerfully considering how much we give

Can I encourage you to come before God in prayer and ask Him how much we get to give (in the New Testament giving is seen as a privilege)? 

I’m believing God that in getting a building our testimony will be “ONLY GOD” – only God could have provided the building, only God could have provided the finance…. And I’m praying that many of us will have our own ‘Only God’ stories of God’s provision and faithfulness. 

God Loves a Cheerful Giver - Title Graphics | Igniter Media

How about stopping for one minute now and pray for Gods provision to you personally and for wisdom as to how much to give?

A prophetic encouragement

We believe that God spoke prophetically through Emily Hooper saying that “we should expect miraculous gifts”……… having a picture of a chinook helicopter that God supernaturally was dropping packages into our field, even ahead of our requests.

Our God goes before us.  He is our Provider.  I’m in faith for Him doing great things as we generously and cheerfully sow into the kingdom of God in these next few weeks.

Finally, wouldn’t it be amazing to have our own building?

Somewhere we can gather to worship on a Sunday, a place where guests can come into a warm, welcoming environment and meet Jesus?  A place where we can love and practically serve those in our community. 

Let’s go on an adventure with our God – with Him nothing is impossible!!

 Nothing is impossible with God. - Luke 1:37 - Quotespedia.org



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N.B: You can give anytime (you don’t need to wait until 13th June)

Let’s give to the glory of God and the extension of His Kingdom, and let’s do it cheerfully, with much rejoicing and generosity, believing God for His miraculously provision.  He is able!!

Much love