Robin Imeson
Newday 16

Hi Robin here, the new youth leader.

I just wanted to give you the low down on HotHouse’s visit to New Day in August. New Day is an annual Christian youth festival organised by the Newfrontiers family of churches. Established since August 2004, the event is aimed at young people between the ages of 12 to 19, either Christian or non-Christian and thousands gather for an amazing week full of worshipping, learning, dancing, silly games, sports and general banter! I’d heard so much about New Day in the previous couple of months from our young people who seem to look forward to it as the real highlight of their year.

I’m pleased to say that it lived up to the hype and I’ve been describing it to people as a taste of ‘heaven’ for teenagers! There’s just so much great stuff for them to do and it’s all on an enclosed site so they get freedom to roam after the main meetings and seminars in the mornings. Our young people were fantastic all week and often chose to hang out around our campsite where lots of fun and games ensued including rounders, football, volleyball (sometimes with a banana instead of a ball!), trying to catch Alfie Borland’s ‘Nerf bombs’, and Kubb (an ancient Viking game). The weather was pretty perfect all week too and we celebrated that fact with a big water fight which ended after we’d joined in with another church on their homemade water slide.

The best bit was undoubtedly seeing our young people really going for it during the corporate worship times, dancing and singing their hearts out to their Father and hearing all the testimonies of people being healed and touched by the Holy Spirit or hundreds going up the front to commit their lives to Jesus. The offering of £120,000+ plus was also a real testimony to what God was dong in people’s hearts.

On behalf of myself and the youth I want to say thanks to everyone who made it all possible from the staff team, to parents who lent tents but most of all to Zoe, Liv and all the team from King’s Church Ringwood who served selflessly and cheerfully.

Let’s hope and pray everyone can take the excitement of worshipping God with multitudes into our day to day lives as we build the Kingdom of God here on Bemerton Heath, in Salisbury and beyond.