Foundations Membership Course at Grace Church

Exploring Membership Course at Grace Church

We believe in the local church. We believe that it’s ‘Christ’s body’ (1 Cor 12 v 12) and offers a safe place for life, growth, friendship, accountability, purpose and joy.

We believe that belonging to a local church is a vital and enjoyable part of the Christian life.

What is Exploring Membership?

It is an opportunity to explore the vision and values of Grace Church. It’s an opportunity to get connected with others who are new to Grace Church and to find your place in the body.

Exploring Membership takes place in a fun and friendly atmosphere, and is usually run over six evenings. It’s a good introduction to our church family.

Who is Exploring Membership for?

It’s for anyone who’s already a Christ-follower. If you’re already following Jesus and you’d like to find out more about our vision and what we believe, it’s for you.

We believe that ‘every life counts’ and we’re keen for you to find God’s purpose for you as part of our church family.

Taking the course doesn’t commit you to membership, but it is a pre-requisite for anyone wanting to become a member.

What can I expect?

During these six weeks, we’ll cover:

  • Our key beliefs
  • Why we believe in church membership
  • What’s involved in being part of the Grace Church family
  • The wider church family we’re a part of - Commission and Newfrontiers
  • What we believe about church leadership and how it works out day to day at Grace Church
  • Our vision, values and culture of who we are and where we’re headed
  • In our final week we spend time focusing on the work of the Holy Spirit

The next Exploring Membership course takes place in Salisbury. The course is run over 3 Thursday evenings in November. You can sign up to our Exploring Membership course and book your place online via our Events page.

If you’d like to find out more, speak to Simon Redmill on a Sunday morning, or email Simon or simply book your place online.

Remember God has accepted us. The gospel of grace is a message of breath-taking freedom.

Terry Virgo