Marriage Course at Grace Church

Online Marriage Course

With marriage increasingly under pressure, we are offering the Online Marriage Course to allow couples to take time together to invest in their marriage.

How is your marriage?

So having been through lock down plus the joys of home schooling, etc. Are you feeling the strain a bit in your relationship? Brian and Lucinda are running this Care for the Family course.

Just 4 sessions to help you enrich your marriage. Well worth making this investment with this excellent material. This is an online course where you only discuss things with your partner, you will not be asked to "bear your soul" to a group!

    Please note this is not marriage counselling, this gives you tools to make a good relationship even better. If you are really struggling in your relationship, do let me know, our pastoral team can help you with more serious problems too. You can reach David on 07860796864.

    To sign up for the online marriage course please click here.

Remember God has accepted us. The gospel of grace is a message of breath-taking freedom.

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